Artificial Tears

In most cases of chronic dry eyes, patients may be recommended to use artificial tears on a regular basis to lubricate and moisten the eyes in order to alleviate the symptoms.

When considering the use of artificial tears, it is recommended that you consult your doctor in case you have any allergies. Like all eye drops, when using artificial tears please be sure to avoid letting the tip of the tube or dropper to come in contact with your eye or any other surface. If the eyedropper gets contaminated it may cause further discomfort in your eye or cause an infection.

Artificial tears do not require any prescription. There is not a specific brand of artificial tears that will work for all patients. Plus, depending on your preferences of comfort, you may prefer to use drops of varying thickness. Some patients will prefer to use artificial tears that are more fluid (like water) while other will prefer a thicker (gel-like) viscosity.

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