Frequently Asked Laser Eye Surgery Questions

Below are many of the most commonly asked questions about laser eye surgery at the Mitchell Eye Centre.

Please note that detailed descriptions are available on our website about corrective laser eye surgery and the most common eye conditions and diseases. Be sure to visit these pages as they contain valuable information.

If any of your questions about laser eye surgery are not found below, please be sure to inquire with your eye doctor at the Mitchell Eye Centre. Before all surgeries and treatments, we will provide you with detailed information about what to expect.

Are the results permanent?

Yes, but keep in mind that as we age, our eyes do, too (45 to 60 years old). If you are 20, results will last 30 to 40 years. If you are 55, results will last about 10 years.

Is laser eye surgery safe?

Yes. Laser eye surgery at the Mitchell Eye Centre is extremely safe. We have been performing laser eye surgery for over 20 years.

Does laser eye surgery hurt?

No. Laser eye surgery is painless. Many patients describe the procedure as feeling “unusual”, but do not experience any pain.

How much will laser eye surgery improve my vision?

The amount of improvement to your vision after undergoing Advanced Surface Treatment (AST / Advanced PRK will be approximately the same as with your present glasses or contact lenses give you.

How long does laser eye surgery take?

Typical procedures take 15 minutes per eye. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis which means that you can return home immediately afterwards.

How long is the recovery time after laser eye surgery?

Typical recovery time after laser eye surgery is 3 days, however, we recommending waiting 7 days until resuming fine detail work activities such as working on a computer.

Do I need a driver or a ride home on the day of surgery?

Yes. We recommend that you arrange for a ride home after undergoing laser eye surgery. If necessary, one of our staff would be happy to assist you with calling and booking a taxi.

Do I need to use eye drops afterwards?

Yes. After undergoing laser eye surgery, you will be provided with sample medicated drops and prescriptions for the same drops to use frequently for the first 3 days. Afterwards, will need to use drops twice daily for 2 to 3 months after surgery. Please use medicated eye drops as directed.

How long until I notice an improvement in my vision after laser eye surgery?

You will notice an immediate improvement to your vision with final results after 1 to 3 months.

Can I continue to work or play sports after laser eye surgery?

Your vision will be blurred for computer use for 1 week after surgery. During the first 3 to 4 days after laser eye surgery, avoid the use of swimming pools and hot tubs. Afterwards, you can resume normal activities.

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