Frequently Asked Dry Eye Disease Questions

What does it mean when my eyes are watering constantly? How would this be dryness?

What that is called is evaporative dry eye or Meibomian gland dysfunction. Our tear film is made up of 3 layers, a mucin layer, a water layer and an oil lipid layer. If our Meibomian glands are not consistently producing oils, the water layer evaporates, creating dry eye.

My eyes constantly burn, itch and I’m quite sensitive. What is the problem? What can I do?

The symptoms sound like dry eye. We have 3 layers of the tear film, which work together to provide proper nutrition to our eyes. If one of our tear film layers is being compromised it causes symptoms such as itching, tired eyes, light sensitivity, blurred vision, burning, tearing, pain, foreign body sensation, redness and inflammation. Your eyes need testing to determine the cause, and possibly treatment.

What causes my eyes to become dry?

There are many causes to dry eye. Dry eye starts small and progressively gets worse, sometimes to a point where therapy is difficult to perform. Causes include but are not limited to: side effects of certain drugs, diseases, aging, menopause, environment, workplace, make-up and previous surgeries.

How can I prevent dryness for the future?

Every patients case is different. A specialist should always be consulted to determine the best form of therapy for a you.

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