Retinal Detachment

A retinal detachment is a very serious eye condition that happens when the retina separates from the wall of the eye. Since the retina cannot function properly under these conditions, anyone suffering from retina detachment is at risk of permanently losing their vision if the detached retina is not promptly repaired.

Most retinal detachments are caused by tears or holes in the retina that develop when the vitreous gel contracts and pulls on the retina. You are more susceptible to retinal detachment is you are severely nearsighted in one or both eyes, have had an eye injury, recent cataract surgery, or have a family history of retinal detachment.

Depending on the type and configuration of the retinal detachment, it will need to be repaired using either a vitrectomy, scleral buckling surgery, pneumatic retinopexy or even a combination of these techniques. Our retinal specialist will determine the best treatment option for your eye and discuss these options with you.

Symptoms that are suggestive of retinal detachment include flashes of light, floaters (which look like small threads or motes of dust in your vision), or a veil within your peripheral field of vision. If these symptoms develop they should be assessed within 24 hours.

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