Lid Lesions and Cysts

We commonly have patients visit us to examine the formation of lesions or cysts on the eyelid or tissue immediately surrounding the eye. Whereas a lesion is an abnormal growth of tissue, a cyst is filled with fluid. These growths may be benign and harmless but may also be indicative of other health issues. Similarly, the cause of these growths varies from patient to patient.

Beyond the physical appearance of lesions or cysts, symptoms depend, in part, on the size and location of the growth. In addition to causing irritation, the growth may obstruct your eyelid’s ability to protect the eye and cause damage to your vision by repeatedly damaging the surface of the eye.

After examining the lesions or cyst, our doctors can surgically remove the growth. The procedure for lid lesion or cyst removal is performed under a local anesthetic and requires only 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

If the lesion appears to be malignant, our doctors may first perform a biopsy to determine if the growth is malignant or benign or even a sign of something more serious.

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